About us

In recent years we have expanded, and being in the service industry, it is essential that our customers always come first. Absalon Security will always prioritize service before growth, and we give priority to the basic principles – thoroughness, accountability, accessibility and speed. These are the principles that first attracted our customers to Absalon Security. Our aim is to be the best, not necessarily the largest supplier of personal protection and uniformed guards in Denmark using a unique method of service and technology, we strive to provide the most excellent of service.

We will constantly seek new input for implementation in our concept, whilst always providing the best customer service and seeking new ways to serve our customers. We treat each customer as though they are the 'only' customer. We can provide a 'low cost' security solution without compromising on quality and quantity. From our local office, which reports directly to the Director, Lasse Heller Bøckel, all our employees will be available to assist customers.


At Absalon Security the recruitment of guards takes place primarily through police or defence personnel, but we also have guards with a variety of professional backgrounds. All our security guards have undergone the mandatory vigilance and safety training course, as well as a specialized training course unique to each security situation. In addition, each qualified guard at Absalon Security undergoes ongoing internal training programmes in certain specialized disciplines within safety, personal protection, monitoring, etc.

When we recruit, we place great emphasis on personal qualities such as empathy, tact and the ability to blend into the client’s environment and surroundings. The ability to be discreet and keep a low profile are keywords for guards at Absalon Security.

It is of the greatest importance that all guards have an obligation of professional secrecy in all aspects of the client’s confidential and personal information.